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"We've grown our festival  this year from 100 to 160 attendees, and offering payment by instalments has made such a difference."

Rachel Leigh-Janney, The Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival 2023.

Workshop Angel consists of: 

Flexible Event Booking System

Take bookings, ask questions, smoothly manage payment by instalments

Email Marketing Tool

Manage mailing list subscriptions and send your marketing emails

Financial Management System

Modify bookings, manage refunds and credits

What makes Workshop Angel unique
for festivals and retreats?

Payment by Instalments

Increase your bookings and revenues by allowing clients to pay an affordable deposit at the moment they are excited to attend your event.

Monthly instalments are automatically requested by email and payments smoothly tracked for you!

Smooth Accommodation Management

Dramatically reduce your admin time and costs in managing accommodation.

Set a limit on how many of each accommodation type can be sold.

Present a separate question regarding accommodation, making the booking form clear and logical.

Amazing Personal Support

Keep your work flowing and your mindset positive by receiving personal support via Whatsapp.

Send us words, voice messages, or videos and we'll get back to you with a solution within a few hours, and often just a few minutes!

How will you benefit?

Feel More Relaxed

Save time by automating more administration

Increase Your Income

Free your mental energy to grow your business

Feel Fully Supported

Receive rapid personal support on Whatsapp and Zoom

How will your business benefit?

Increase Revenues

Get earlier commitment by offering payment by instalments

Pay Lower Fees

Pay lower booking fees than with conventional corporate providers

Receive Amazing Support

Receive personal 1:1 support on Whatsapp and Zoom

Save Costs

Spend less on staff who are managing a more manual system

Increase Cash Flow

Receive payment as clients book, not after your event starts

Create Clear Booking Options

Create an easy to follow form for complex booking options


Sarah Ramsden

Sports Yoga

“Payment by instalments definitely increases my revenues”

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"I run a large sports yoga training business with clients from all over the world, and in order to maximise my attendee numbers I offer a wide variety of pricing and payment options. Workshop Angel’s payment by instalments facility allows me to get an earlier commitment from my clients and significantly increases my revenues over requesting full payment at the time of booking."

"I love how the process to manage this is all automated, so I can focus my energy on growing my business rather than being buried in administration!"

Gesine and Shantigarbha

Seed of Peace

“We couldn't recommend Workshop Angel more highly.”

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"We have used Workshop Angel to manage our NVC training business for three years now. We love how easy it is to take and track client’s payments and to send out the many many email messages our business relies on. The team have been great at listening to our needs and adding new features to the app as our business needs have evolved."

Gayatri Beegan

Tantra Massage Training

“We have found the app really easy and intuitive to use.”

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"We have used Workshop Angel over the last year with our Tantra workshop business. It is unique in the way it gives us the functions we need to run our business in one package."

"We really appreciate the organic structure of Workshop Angel, which makes it intuitive and easy to use."

"We have had great support, and the team at Workshop Angel are a pleasure to work with!"

Amy Dyer

Creative Organizer


“Workshop Angel is a one stop shop to get you up and running!”

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"Working as a creative organizer for different NVC communities, I am blessed to have a variety of different tasks. Event and workshop planning is one of them!"

"There are heaps of variables to take into consideration when arranging workshops. So many of these go on behind the scenes, and it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. There are booking forms to be made, payments to be received, tracking all of the participants wants and needs... the list goes on and the hours one spends on these tasks can add up!"

"In comes Workshop Angel, your one stop shop, helping with everything you need to get your workshop up and running! Literally everything I need to get events and workshops running is available with Workshop Angel."

"The other amazing thing is that the customer service is OUTSTANDING... whenever I hit bumps or snags, the team is there to support me!"

Annabel Marchetti

Eros Essence

“I feel very supported and cared for by the team.”

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"I am trained in social work, yoga and I-Ching, and am starting out on my own business venture to bring a delicious mix of pleasure, passion and purpose to humanity through workshops and 1:1 sessions."

"I’ve been using Workshop Angel for my events from the start, and it has made my admin so easy. I love how they use WhatsApp for support, and I always get rapid, friendly and helpful responses to my voice message requests for guidance... whatever the time of day. They really listen to my ideas for new features, and often add them within a few days of our discussion. I feel very supported and cared for by their team." 

"I’m also super excited about their plans to introduce 1:1 appointment bookings later this year, and can’t wait to use Workshop Angel for all my business’s activities!"

Lucy Wylde

Medicine Woman

“Working with Workshop Angel has just been amazing.”

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"I chose to use Workshop Angel as it is based around the ethos of community, and is a local organisation."

Working with Workshop Angel has been amazing... it is so nice to have the team on hand for anything I need at any time of any day, and that has been such a god send. It is great to work with a company in our community rather than a corporate, and be supporting each other with heart!"

"I absolutely love that Workshop Angel don't take a massive fee, and that they work alongside Stripe which is such an amazing and cost effective platform. This enables more income to come back to our Medicine Woman organisation, where we are creating a CiC company to fund sustainability and education projects for creating a new earth."

Rachel Leigh-Janney

The Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival 2023

“We’ve grown our festival from 100 to 160 attendees.”

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"I just want to say a huge thank you for all your support. Times are hard for many right now but we’ve grown our festival from 100 to 160 attendees this year and having the monthly payment option has made such a difference."

"I lead a very busy life, and I help organise the festival for the love of this activity and the wonderful people who attend. The team at Workshop Angel made everything so easy for us, and we have all the features we need to create a clear and logical booking form layout for the wide range of ticketing options we offer. "

"The other game changer is that we get the ticketing money in our bank account within 7 days of a payment being made rather than after the event starts, which allowed us to pay the venue in good time."

"We're really happy we made the change!"